Service Delivery At the Edge. In the Cloud.

The single, unified WiFi platform that lets you leverage the cloud and your network edge to build, deliver, and manage money-making business apps that engage customers, motivate employees, and rapidly grow your business.

Relay2 RA300

Third generation Smart Access Point

High performance wireless providing on-premise intelligence at the network edge.

Case Study: Revenue Generating Services

D.Phone generates an immediate return on investment from in-store sale and delivery of mobile apps on the Relay2 platform in over 500 stores.

Maximize the Value of your WiFi Network

Value-added services powered by the network EDGE

Relay2 is the only solution that lets applications run directly on our powerful Service-Ready Access Points™.
  • Communicate directly with users with a dedicated mobile app
  • Deliver locally cached videos, music, and rich media
  • Track customers’ online and on-premise activity
  • Empower employees to provide superior customer service
  • Send location-based, action-based promotions
  • Create customized edge applications

Access anywhere CLOUD management

Relay2 makes it easy to manage everything from basic WiFi access to advanced business applications through an intuitive cloud manager.
  • Publish, distribute, and monitor edge applications
  • Aggregate contextual data for in-depth analysis
  • Integrate with external cloud service through open API
  • Empower employees to provide superior customer service
  • Provision and administer network and applications from a single pane


Relay2 helps service providers and their business customers across a range of verticals to move beyond managed wireless access to offer innovative new services over WiFi.

Learn how Relay2 enables transformative solutions for:


Win, serve, and retain customers through mobile engagement


Delights guests with access to new integrated mobile amenities


Transform the fan experience with amazing realtime video and rich-media


Create immersive education experiences

With the Relay2 solution, Wi-Fi access points all serve as on-premise edge servers. This will provide benefits to many businesses, regardless of industry.

With Relay2, we easily set up a WiFi network to provide virtual network services for all our events. We rely on Relay2’s high performance APs to serve our high-density, heavy traffic venues and hotels.

– Vice President, UREC

We have chosen to partner with Relay2 because their innovative WiFi solution provides the performance and reliability our customers require while also enabling value-added services that our customers increasingly demand.

– CEO, CHT Global

“We are impressed by the ease of installation and the performance of Relay2. The set up was completed in a few days, rather than weeks, and the number of client connections was impressive.”

– CTO, Harborlink

Relay2’s solution allows us to collect DPI-based data, giving us the ability to move towards real-time, targeted ads for customers on our Wi-Fi networks.

– CTO, SmartAC

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T-Gaia announces capital and business alliance with Relay2

T-Gaia announces capital and business alliance with Relay2

Tokyo, Japan, February 4, 2020 – T-Gaia Corporation (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; President: Nobutaka Kanaji) and Relay2, Inc. (CEO Eric Chen, California, USA, “Relay2”) formed a capital and business alliance on the assumption of exclusive distribution in Japanese...

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